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Pulsed Signal Therapy in Haven Therapies

About us

Colette Trout’s Haven Therapies Clinic is proud to host Irelands First Pulsed Signal Therapy Centre in Dublin City.

“Having worked in clinical practice for eleven years, I have seen alot of injuries to the body. The demands of sport, daily life, occupation, degenerative diseases etc all take its toll, and over time the body may not respond to conservative treatment. When this happens options can be limited to medications/ injections/ surgery. Now PST is another option. I saw it in France in 2010, and once I got to understand the workings of electromagnetic therapy, I knew I had to introduce it to my clinic”

- Colette Trout

Director, Pulsed Signal Therapy

Mission Statement

Pulsed Signal Therapy (PST) Ltd endeavors to exceed the expectations of patients and health professionals alike, creating and marketing the medical and wellness therapies of the future. The Centre is committed to providing the latest technologies and practices in meeting each patient’s rehabilitation needs.

The personnel at Pulsed Signal Therapy view each patient as an individual with unique needs, concerns, and resources and strive to acknowledge, understand, and respond to those unique needs.