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Signals for Motion

PST Treatable Conditions

Degenerative Diseases:

  • Arthritis of large (e.g. Gonoarthritis, arthrosis of the knee) and small joints (e.g. spondylitis)
  • Tendonitis/ insertion tendinopathy (e.g. tennis elbow)
  • Lumbago, degenerative disc disease, discopathy (e.g. lumbar disc protrusion)
  • Calcaneal Spur
  • Deforming arthrosis of the hands
  • Gonarthrosis, coxarthrosis, rhizomelic arthrosis of the thumb

Traumatic Injuries:

  • Ligament lesions/ ruptures (e.g. cruciate ligament ruptures)
  • Meniscus injuries
  • Fractures (e.g. cartilage and bone fractures)
  • Pseudoarthrosis (i.e. non- union at fracture site)
  • Soft Tissue Injuries (e.g. Whiplash)
  • Indicated as a Post-Op treatment to sustain healing and improve functional rehabilitation

Inflammatory Diseases:

  • Rheumatic Joint Diseases (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis) *
  • Metabolic Joint Damage (e.g. Gout) *

* Note: PST does not treat the underlying inflammatory disease, but offers a reduction in pain levels and an increase in mobility.

Deformities of the Musculoskeletal System:

  • Spinal Column (e.g. scoliosis**)
  • Foot (e.g. hallux valgus, hallux rigidus, splay foot, club foot, pes planus)
  • Arthrosis of the hands

** PST pertains to pain and impaired function**

Joint Chondromatosis:

  • Cartilaginous changes within the synovial membrane of a joint


  • Perthes Disease
  • Osteochondrosis Dissecans