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PST: Signals for Motion

How does PST work?

Research has shown that when stress is placed on a joint, a low power electrical signal is created. This natural signal tells the body to repair damaged or worn tissues and to maintain the health and proper functioning of the joint. Sometimes, this signal is disturbed as a result of aging, injury or disease. When this happens, the body is unable to repair the damage itself. This results in pain, inflammation and loss of proper function in the joint.

PST is unique in that it mimics the body’s natural signal, activating the normal healing process and stimulates the growth and repair of the damaged tissue.

The Working Principle

Over time, the joints of the human body become stressed by the continuous support of the body weight, muscle and tendon strength. The cartilage tissue reacts with a functional adaptation. It has been demonstrated that the cartilage layer of the joints under high load will become thicker and enable a more even distribution of the load. Electrical currents are responsible for the function of the cartilage cells and the regeneration of the bone tissue. However, in unhealthy cartilage tissue, a normal flow of streaming potentials is severely affected.

PST Treatment – formation of the electrical field

  • Activation of streaming potentials by PST
  • This signal stimulates the regeneration process in cartilage, tendons and ligaments

Disturbed Electrical Field

  • Alteration of the electrical field by osteoarthritis or injuries
  • Perturbation in the continued cartilage regeneration

Healthy joint – streaming potentials

  • Movements generate fine electric currents in the joint
  • Electrical field of the joint
  • Control of the constant preservation and regeneration of the cartilage and connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, etc.)

The patented Original PST technology intervenes here in the treatment of the affected joint cartilage. The unhealthy tissue is treated with impulses that constantly change in intensity and duration. Another effect of the pulsed electromagnetic fields method is that PST stimulates the natural regeneration of the cartilage cells and the bone tissue with changing rectangular impulses.

The PST therapy concept supports natural processes and can be applied as a pain free, non-invasive method without known side effects.